CargoNizer Logistics Inc.

Security is a critical element of the cargo, logistics and supply chain business, which is a paramount to how do business.  Despite the fact that CargoNizer Logistics Inc. has an excellent track record on security, we constantly are in search of the next technology to insure that our warehouses have optimal security. Today, we have a biometric system which is remotely linked to our warehouse monitoring systems.


In addition to 24/7 surveillance, all Cargo entering our facility is scanned using Voti 3D scanners. Which allows our staff to ensure that all Cargo entering our facilities are safe, free from explosives, chemical hazards or other unknowns that may compromise the integrity of the warehouse. We are committed to offering our customers a secure, hazard free warehouse, so that our customers can focus on what they do best and let us take care of their Cargo.


Feel free to call our office and ask us more questions about our security systems, and how we take care of your cargo.

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