CargoNizer Logistics Inc.

CargoNizer provides a complete range of cargo handling services: from aircraft unloading, right to the doorstep of your customer facility 



Who We Are

CargoNizer is an international Freight Forwarder based out of Montreal Airport (YUL).


Our mission and vision are aligned with being your partner, and leveraging technology to better meet your needs

Leadership Team

Founded on experience and run on sound management principles; take a closer look and get to know our management team

Word from the Leadership Team

With over 10 years experience in the freight forward business, our senior officers and leadership staff have worked throughout the value chain. Inside is a word from our leadership team to share with our customers


CargoNizer Logistics offers an expansive network of locations and ocean freight experience to provide you a full array of global freight and transportation services

Why Choose Us

Our ultimate goal is customer delight. We achieve this through focus on our three core pillars

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